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Who we are

We have been linked to outdoor activities for 18 years related to sports activities, events, tourism and leisure, that have not only allowed us to fully explore this corner of the world, but also to become acquainted with the interests and the needs of our clients..

Each one of us has worked on average more than 10 years as tourist or mountain guides in Chile and others áreas of the world improving our specialities.

Hislandes is a company borne out of its partners' willingness to share their experiences, love for the outdoors and respect for local cultures and the environment, with the profound conviction that one loves what one knows. Through our services we aspire to pass on this knowledge, which is basic to establish a harmonious relationship with the surrounding environment.


Travel Philosophy: We want our customers to live this experience with total safety and trust, which is why we use the best resources enhanced by guidelines of sustainability and respect for the environment. While achieving high quality standards, our aim is to make them feel part of this land and its people.

Work Philosophy

Work Philosophy:We have confirmed the importance and efficiency of teamwork, and we want it to take place in an environment of maximum respect between everyone involved inside and outside of our company. We do not discriminate in any way and impregnate our activities with empathy and tolerance, thus letting us work in an environment of healthy human relationships.

Environment Philosophy

We work at a human scale, since it is exactly our individual actions which have an impact in our ecosystems. We make sure that our operation as a company is in harmony with its surroundings, not only in regards to our natural ecosystem but also with the social aspects of its location. We seek to inspire everyone surrounding us and make our contribution focused on this idea, while making a special effort to preserve our environment.

The Team

Francisco Bruna | Operations Manager

The wild and barren solitude of Patagonia ...
When Francisco arrived in Chile in 2007, after 10 years working in outdoors activities in Cozumel Mexico * Pantera Jeep Tour Cozumel* these were some of his dreams. Today he is glad and very thankful because all this and much more has become true, even though his horizons are still wide. He has planted his hair on so many places, where others put banners and became one of the most prestigious guides, yet remained extremely modest.
This is probably the reason why he says: "The most beautiful part of my work is to help other peoples' dreams come true!"
The creation of Hislandes was a consequent step on his personal and professional way to self-fulfilment.

Francisco Bruna

Operations Manager

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Javiera Dueñas


Gabriel Lobos Freitas